Aims and scope

The Social Web represents nowadays the principal means to support and foster social interactions among people through Web 2.0 technologies. Individuals interact in virtual communities to pursue mutual interests or goals, by exchanging multiple kinds of contents (i.e., textual, acoustic, visual), the so-called User-Generated Content (UGC). In this context, the SeCredISData Special Session is especially devoted to discussing the implications that Data Analysis has in tackling open issues related to society, and in developing applications able to tackle these issues.

On the one hand, the focus of the Special Session will be given to the study and the application of affective computing and sentiment analysis to social data, which can impact on monitoring, analyzing and counteracting discrimination and hate speech, which are increasingly spreading phenomena in our countries also in combination with the pervasiveness of social media. Furthermore, also the applications of sentiment analysis and emotion detection in social media for the development of education, entertainment, health, e-government, and games will be considered as an interesting object of investigation.

On the other hand, by considering the process of “disintermediation” that affects social media, the Special Session will also investigate the problem of assessing the credibility of information spreading among and across virtual communities. The diffusion of fake news, hoaxes, rumors, fake reviews, inaccurate health information, can have a negative impact on society with respect to different aspects, from influencing political elections, producing harmful effects if connected to the health of patients, to generating hate and discrimination phenomena. For all these reasons, the study and the development of approaches that can help people in automatically assess the level of credibility of information is a fundamental research issue in the last years.

The aim of this Special Session is, therefore, to cover different aspects related to Data Analysis applied to social data, by addressing to a heterogeneous community of researchers who has data science as a common denominator.

Please visit the SeCredISData page on the DSAA’18 Website for the detailed program of the session.